Me without you ❤️

Though I have a

Sea of people

To talk to,

To laugh with,

To care for,

The empty spaces

In my heart,

yearns only

For YOU. ❤️

My lonely afternoons

That melt into soundless evenings,

Scream one thing clear in my heart,

And it’s truth alone shakes me,

That I will rather fight with you,

Cry with you,

Than be without


Sparkling Freeze 💖 .


💫 It’s Fair We Tell 🌈

Where is that Happily Ever After, how does one get that Fairytale feel? How does love descend from Romeo and Juliet, all the way down to Jack and Jill? Why couldn’t the little boy be happy, instead of Little Boy Blue? Did the fantasy have to end at midnight, did Cinderella have to have a […]

💫 It’s Fair We Tell 🌈


Let me tell you a story, about this one special heart,
Although he can live oceans and oceans away , he can be your life’s most beautiful part.
He goes by the name “jokerizwild” , but he is a Magician if you ask me,
He can make you feel like the most special girl in the world, by his heartfelt romantic poetry.
He will stay up all night just to be with you, and not care a bit about his sleep,
And even though you will force him to rest, he will not listen to a word you speak.
He won’t bother with food when you are with him, for he says he loves the taste of you,
You have to keep pestering him to eat, oh man, what to do!!!
He will be the hero that he is, go out there and save people,
He will be your very own superman, play out every hot fantasy for real.
he will run his hands up and down your body, mmm… lovingly stroke your hair,
His kisses will take you to paradise, he will drink you without a care.
He will sing midnight songs in your ears, oh trust me it will make you melt,
You won’t like any other singer in the world, after his loving voice you have felt.
He will listen to your every story, actually listen you know,
For his love for you is true, it is not something just for show.
He will hold you tight when you cry, become the arms in which you can rest,
You don’t have to act brave around him, for with you he has already formed his nest.
It won’t matter to him even if you are going blind, he will love you for who you are,
In your darkest night, he will be your guiding star.
You will feel so happy around him, and time will fly away so fast,
Half the time you would be laughing and giggling, easily sharing stories from the past.
The present will feel like a true present to you, every day will become so special,
He will draw little hearts in the wind around you, he will become your favourite festival.
He would take vacations just to be with you, even drop all work and drive back home,
He will make love to you all night, in a way you have never known.
He will say ”watch your mouth” when you say little curses, and even teach you some if you insist,
He will indulge you in every possible way, for your sweet requests he can’t resist.
He would become your first thought, you would pray for his dreams every night,
For no matter how tough the day, when you’ll feel his heart beat , your world will feel right.
His sweet “hello” will make you smile so big, it will feel like coming home,
Everything in your life will become magical, he can transform desert into Rome.
I can go on and on about him, for he is more heady than any aphrodisiac wine,
oh but before you start dreaming of him ladies, let me tell you he is all mine, mine, mine♥️♥️.

With love,


Has your lover ever taken days off from work, just to be with you,
After hearing my sad voice on the phone, my baby knew exactly what to do.

He cashed in his vacation, held my hand and took me on a ride,
Into a soft place of dreams, where pretty sunsets and sunrises collide.

Satin clouds became our bed, while our hearts did the talking,
Breath vapoured into music, becoming the air beneath our wings.

Wrapped in each others arms, we painted a magical moment of happiness,
An enchanting beach with fountains and forests, a union which Angels would witness.

but when he made those promises to me, emotions raw in his voice,
I can honestly say my heart forgot to beat, for it just had no other choice.

My world tilted on its axis, staggered by the depth of his love,
Words alluded me in sheer wonder, when they saw the gift I had gotten from above.

Somewhere someplace in space, the skies must have burst into colours,
When cocooned in our love, we placed rings of promises on each others fingers.

Me: do you think we would ever meet honey?
Him: I don’t see why I wouldn’t ever meet my…. !!!

DATED the 27th of MAY, 2019,
A beautiful memorable day .

©© ROY and SONA, 2019
All Rights Reserved.
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💦☁️ Oxygen ❄️☀️

You are my oxygen, my love😘😘😘♥️♥️😘😘😘😘


Tell me how I’m supposed to breathe without air. Can’t live, can’t breathe with no air. It’s how I feel whenever you ain’t there, it’s no air, no air.We inhale and exhale, sometimes as fast as we could. Ventilators and respirators, they seem to do us no good.

Our chest rises up and down like the tide, but sweet air ceases to exist. It’s like we’re both trying to catch fog, but we simply just mist.

Completely being trapped under water, is the feeling when we are apart. Lungs can’t seem to catch any air, and there’s the dropping beat of the heart.

Breathe me back to life, as if we’re against time in a race. Put your lips against mines, and romantically enjoy the aftertaste.

Then smile as our eyes meet, while you inflate the lungs my dear. I’ll saturate your soul while you light up my life…

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Lyrics of a song I wrote.

Lying here alone in my bed,
These sheets feel so cold,
I’m trying to catch your silhouette.

The clock by my bed reads 2 a.m.
I grab on tight to my pillow,
I long for the warmth of your hand.

I wonder, if you know,
How much I need you.
On my face, does it show,
that I can’t breathe without you.

Baby, baby, wherever you are,
I miss you, every single hour.
Ya baby, baby, I wish you weren’t so far,
I miss you, every single hour.

The days just pass me by in a blur,
I’m standing on the shore,
Counting sunrises on my fingers.

I’m waiting for the wave which will bring you close to me,
My heart is scripting sad songs,
For I feel so lonely.

Oh darling, do you even know,
How much I need you.
On my face, does it show,
That I can’t breathe without you.

Baby, baby, wherever you are,
I miss you, every single hour.
Ya baby, baby, you are my only love star,
I miss you, every single hour.

Come back soon to your girl,
With your touch, fill my life, my world.
I can’t bear this distance apart.

This separation is killing me,
I’m trying to be brave, but I can’t even sleep,
There is a yawning emptiness in my heart.

Baby, baby, where ever you are,
I miss you, every single hour.
Ya baby, baby, I wish you weren’t this far,
I miss you, every single hour.
©© Sona 2019
All Rights Reserved.

♥️🌹 Crazy Lovers 💓🌏


Cause every time I close my eyes I think of you, and no matter what the season is I still love you….with all my heart. I wanna be with you wherever you are.You ever feel your surroundings closing in, you think your space is getting smaller? You can try crawling out for air, but the walls are getting taller.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, but even that seems to be getting dim. You jumped in ten feet of water, knowing damn well you couldn’t swim.

That’s exactly my situation, I’m surrounded by water in a pail. And I am the tiny ant among the waves, desperately waiting to exhale.

I’m becoming so used to hearing your voice, and so accustomed to feeling your touch. Laughing while time cease to exist, whispering to each other “I love you so much”.

We talk to each other from sun…

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Come to me,
When the sun strokes the virgin sky with its honeyed hues,
When petals allure every heart wearing morning dews.
When birds sing in unison, welcoming a new day,
When waves crash on the shore, soaking the air with spray.

Make love to me,
When the rain coaxes the earth with its cooling pour,
When forests sing symphonies, drenched to their core.
When stars touch each other with their shimmering light,
When the moon hangs low in hot wet nights

Stay with me,
When the seasons are harsh and the wind is cold,
When I feel bruised and tired in my otherwise happy soul.
When the flowers the moon, the rain the hues can no longer entice,
And when I am trying to grab to hope with helpless tear filled eyes.

Come to me my love, forever to stay,
Be my morning, be my night, every sun kissed day.
Hold my hand, be my partner, through life’s winding paths,
Darling the road feels easier, world friendlier, with your love owning my heart.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Cloud 9Month Anniversary♥️☁️♥️


Twinkle twinkle Sparkling star, how I wonder what you are. Inspired my writing in so many ways, gave me beautiful nights and sunny days. Twinkle twinkle Sparkling star, nine months strong and we’ve come so far!It’s been nine magical months, and our love has a much stronger hold. What miracles can occur in nine months, what stories can be made and told?

We started out a secret on spotlight, a mere whisper in the wind. We became pure passion on the pages, when our flamed hearts became more than friends.Our romance spun into a cyclone, and the ripples quickly turned into waves. We danced each other’s night away, as the sparks evolved into a blaze.

Hanging on each other’s word, pressing it into our poetry from the start. I took your name and you took mines, and we tattooed it into our hearts.

You threw your passion to…

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Time between lovers♥️

So far away you are, my love,
There are oceans and oceans between us,
Clock ticking differently, calendars flipping separately,
No don’t try to console me with your words.

My heart aches, it wants to be close to you,
Remembering those endless hours together,
With me laying on my bed, keeping you up till 4 am,
Never wanting to let go of each other.

You painted rainbows in my skies,
I traced stars over your heart,
Your fingers ran softly over my tresses,
And kisses would endlessly last.

I would worry about your sleep,
You would hold me close to your chest,
And in this feeling of warmth ,
We would snuggle and sleep in our nest.

But the winds have changed, bringing a different spell,,
And time no longer seems to be on our side,
And my heart aches, as it thinks about,
The gap between your sunset and my sun rise.

Hold me tenderly in your arms, my love,
As I make sweet love to you with my words,
I want to feel close to you, every single day,
Missing you makes my heart hurt.



Not a poem, just some thoughts and feelings in simple LINES😉

And when I talk to you,
our conversations feel so special.
Your laughter and endless teasing,
Feels more melodious to me than a thousand bells.

And I can’t stop smiling ,
Oh my heart fills with so much love.
The beautiful joy and comfort we share,
I wear its fragrance throughout the day like a glove.

And I never want to hang up,
Never want to let you go.
I don’t know how this has happened,
But I think I need you so much more.

And I don’t like those days,
When I am unable to talk to you,
They somehow feel so incomplete,
Putting me in a sad poetic mood.

And when my phone rings,
And your sweet name flashes on the screen.
My heart skips with so much joy,
Cause it knows it is gonna talk to a dream.

You are sweet , darling,
Stay the way you are .
And hey, you can call me more often.
Cause I know, like me, you want to be close every hour.

shadows in the moonlight

Laying down in bed, alone,
Shadows dancing on the wall in the moonlight,
My blanket is warm, yet it aint enough,
Cause I miss the heat of your skin these lonely nights.
There is nothing I can do, there is nothing you could do,
For time ticks differently for us,
Words swimming in the mind never reach those unkissed lips,
They get lost in all the hubbub.
And I wonder what really closeness is,
Is it talking to that someone every single day,
Or is it telling yourself not to be upset,
When you cannot find time to communicate.
My heart longs to bring you closer,
As I stare at that lonely moon through my window.
Shadows dancing on my wall, lulling me to sleep,
Until I can think no more.


The words you whisper,
The moments we share,
Blanket my body,
All through the day.
Lingering on my skin,
A scent of memory,
A blushing reminder ,
Breathing our story.
And as your moon dips
And enters my skies,
I lay down in bed,
And close my eyes.
Only to feel your syllables,
Retrace secret paths,
From that moment we shared,
Easing my mind and heart.
And I hold you close,
Unable to get enough,
Love struck and craving,
More of your hypnotic touch.
Still wearing that sweet perfume,
Your memory on my body,
Breathing desire,
Gasping in our midnight story.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


How could I see what I couldn’t see,
How could I be which my soul never agreed?,
These questions plagued me night and day,
I wanted to run somewhere, somewhere far away.

No shelter I found in shattering rain,
My wings were too well tied and chained.
Helpless, I shut my eyes, unsure what to do,
My heart prayed for something, anything to anchor me, as gardens strewed.

Spilled streams shattered dreams,
I was perched in the eye of the storm.
something tugged me to look within,
A Phoenix sat there, singing me this song.

“You have a path untouched by the billions,
On it your footsteps will be first.
Fear not girl, happiness will find you,
Have faith, in me u can trust”.

This song lives in me bright as a day,
As blindly I navigate my way.
I step on puddles, dance and laugh,
Its my path, my life my heart.

© SONA, 2018


I blow you kisses when the stars peak,
Hoping they will reach you via the night breeze.
Like little puffs of hearts, floating in the air,
Carrying my warm mushy love, to you my dear.

And I feel your tender touch , as I close my eyes,
Feel your love surround me, every lonely night.
As though the kisses you sent me, from skies far away,
Have hooked on to my heart, forever to stay.

And I smile and snuggle into you, as the moon descends,
Slowly tracing your chest, because I can.
When a thought comes to me, as I quietly match your heart beat,
How much really is the distance between you and me? ♥️

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


What words do I write to you my love, to show you how much you mean to me,
What emotions do I paint in my poems, to portray to you the love that I feel.
How do I take your hands in mine, and tell you that you are the only thing I dream,
O what promises should I make to you my love, to say how much I love thee.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


I am playing my heartstrings,
One note at a time,
Finding my way back to you,
Reaching for our melody divine.

Life feels half empty,
Without your love gushing through my veins,
And since I know what you mean to me,
I will find us all over again

So I am sitting and playing my heartstrings,
One note at a time,
Finding my way back to you,
Reaching to you in my rhymes.

You are my sweetest harmony,
Singing to me night and day.
Just hold on I will soon be there,
Matching your beats all the way.

Soon you will play my heartstrings,
And I will play yours all night,
Loving each other in our music,
Loving each other in our rhythm divine.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.

DO You? my love

Every silent night,
As you lie in bed,
Alone, by yourself,
Do you think of me?

Do you wish I were there,
Like I wish you were here,
Tangled together,
Do you crave me?

Every silvery sky,
When you touch the moon,
Do you ask it to shine,
Your love on me?

And every time there comes,
Those first showers of rain,
Do you look at it and smile?,
Wish to dance with me?

Every Valentines,
When you see love birds,
Do you wish we were together?,
Do you miss me?

And every single time,
When you hold a little child,
Do you secretly long,
For your own family?

I bet you do,
And yes I do too.
Just waiting for the moment,
When we will finally meet.

I think the sun will smile,
And stars align,
That very first time,
When you will look at me.

I am telling you from now,
I am very romantic.
You might as well start practicing,
Writing love poetry.

Oh! Don’t worry honey,
You can steal some of my lines,
and until we meet,
Keep loving me.

© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Hi guys,
Hope you all are well. Last night I recorded a song in my voice and I thought I could share it on WordPress. So here I am doing just that.
Since my throat aint in the best of conditions, due to terrible cough and cold, my voice is a little heavy. But heck, who cares!!!
So have fun. …
I am uploading the video as well as sharing the YOU TUBE link. Check out whatever works for you.

Have a gala time.



My tresses lay tangled in your thoughts,
Worries and fear plaguing me.
Clouds about our unseen future,
How everything would come to be.

With my head in my hand, I close my eyes,
Yearning to glimpse the morning sun .
When I feel your gentle fingers, running through my hair,
Carefully Untangling those locks one by one.

Nestled in your warmth , I keep my eyes shut,
Unwilling to wake up from this dream.
I hear your voice, whisper in my heart,
“Darling I Will Be There, Just Breathe.”

And when I open my eyes, I see the morning sun,
My curls dancing happily in the breeze.
Things feel brighter, Oh I can see a rainbow too,
Enchanted, I laugh and grab a photo with it, screaming ” cheeese”.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Far away, in distant land,
Quietly beats a heart.
It longs for me in lonely nights,
Yearning to be my part.

Oceans apart, beneath different skies,
My eyes flutter open to the sun,
Fresh morning dew reminds me of him,
And I crave to be with my special one.

As I look at the sun, shining gloriously,
A random thought comes to me.
Can I still touch him, when he is so far away,
Kiss him good night celestially.

I ask the sun to reach out to the moon ,
Shining above my lover’s sky.
And tell its friend to tip toe through his window,
Softly kiss his beautiful eyes.

Oh! Rain upon him the sweetest dreams,
Surround him in warm silver glow.
Fill his heart with peace and love,
Cause he is more precious to me than he will ever know.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Those unspoken words,
Those unheard voices.
Those silent proposals,
And those forced choices

Still catch me unawares,
In my darkest of nights,
Flooding me with your memories,
Silently bridging time.

I breathe your name then ,
A quiet flutter in my heart.
I know I am that memory,
Which you will always treasure like art.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Fingers sifting through the sand,
Lazily making shapes.
A yearning yawns in my heart,
I wish I knew his name.

I could have engraved our initials,
And made a little heart in between.
Glancing at the waves I wonder,
Whether it had ever waited to meet.

To meet the sand which walks by it,
Forever and ever.
Or the eternal wind which caresses its skin,
No matter the weather.

Lull by the romance of the crashing waves,
My fingers continue to explore.
And I come out of the reverie only to find,
Myself holding two pearls so pure.

I look at them, then at the ocean,
Smile at the skies above.
Keep them in my pocket, skip back to my room,
Trusting in the power of love.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.
Based on my real experience In Andaman and Nicobar islands, as I witnessed the enchanting and majestic beauty of the Indian ocean.


I couldn’t go looking for you,
So I chose to wait , for you to find me.
In my dreams, Faith whispered “Be yourself”, ,
Telling me how wonderful you would be.

I painted you in my heart,
In the vividest of hues.
Singing songs of love,
Poems of me and you

You became the sweetest thing in my life,
All joyous happy colours.
The star of my starless nights,
The prettiest fragrant flowers.

Though darkness tried to overwhelm me,
Your love in my heart was so strong.
It slashed and burned all doubts and fears,
Urging me to hold on.

And I wrote verses of our love divine,
Knowing every word was true.
And when you found me, singing poesy,
I knew you knew
How much I loved you.

together now we paint the smiling skies above,
Splashing scarlet strokes of thank you.
And I reach out to Faith, hold Her hand,
Ask Her to be with me
No matter how many clouds come through.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.