Me without you ❤️

Though I have a

Sea of people

To talk to,

To laugh with,

To care for,

The empty spaces

In my heart,

yearns only

For YOU. ❤️

My lonely afternoons

That melt into soundless evenings,

Scream one thing clear in my heart,

And it’s truth alone shakes me,

That I will rather fight with you,

Cry with you,

Than be without


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💫 It’s Fair We Tell 🌈

Where is that Happily Ever After, how does one get that Fairytale feel? How does love descend from Romeo and Juliet, all the way down to Jack and Jill? Why couldn’t the little boy be happy, instead of Little Boy Blue? Did the fantasy have to end at midnight, did Cinderella have to have a […]

💫 It’s Fair We Tell 🌈


I am sitting on the terrace,
Playing my guitar.
Lost in you, I am scripting songs,
Right from my heart.

With my eyes softly closed,
And a smile across my face.
My soul sings songs,
Of our own happy place.

Heart glowing, hair blowing,
My fingers strum.
They don’t need permission,
To write their own romance rhythm.

Turning to the skies above ,
A prayer I silently say,
“Oh! be the messenger of my love to him,
In your own mysterious way.

Let the wind carry my love to him,
Wherever he is.
Let him feel my love right now,
As I blow him a kiss.

Let the wind reach his heart,
And whisper to his soul.
His girl awaits him quietly,
He is the only one that makes her  whole”.


© Sona, 2018






Under the night sky,
As you walk by me in moonlight,
The softest caresses of the wind feels charged,
When you link your fingers with mine.
And when I look above
to kiss the moon,
With peace and happiness
flooding my mind,
I can see it nowhere,
Instead it’s your face I find!
And what I see takes my breath away,
It’s my own love shining through your eyes!

© Sona, 2018


I told u I could not fly,
Am not like the other birds.
Was scared u would take off,
Thinking I have less worth.

Singing poesy, you stayed back,
Hopping nearer my branch.
I was scared to believe, to look at you,
To ride in this love ranch.

Your songs silently soothed my soul,,
Lighting caverns with love.
And I didn’t know when we both were,
Soaring higher in our hearts, than the skies above.

Sun rose and hid, seasons changed like the wind,
And two birds still gaily perch in their tree.
Sweetening the air with their pretty songs,
Charming the world with their poetry.

© Sona, 2018


Come to me,
When the sun strokes the virgin sky with its honeyed hues,
When petals allure every heart wearing morning dews.
When birds sing in unison, welcoming a new day,
When waves crash on the shore, soaking the air with spray.

Make love to me,
When the rain coaxes the earth with its cooling pour,
When forests sing symphonies, drenched to their core.
When stars touch each other with their shimmering light,
When the moon hangs low in hot wet nights

Stay with me,
When the seasons are harsh and the wind is cold,
When I feel bruised and tired in my otherwise happy soul.
When the flowers the moon, the rain the hues can no longer entice,
And when I am trying to grab to hope with helpless tear filled eyes.

Come to me my love, forever to stay,
Be my morning, be my night, every sun kissed day.
Hold my hand, be my partner, through life’s winding paths,
Darling the road feels easier, world friendlier, with your love owning my heart.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Finger tips on my skin,
Your sinuous lips making me sing,
Harmonies of pleasure so divine.
As you touch me warm and hard,
Under the covers, when the night is dark,
Oh baby you make me lose my mind.

Your tongue trails hot fire,
Thirsty liquid of desire,
Oh the blush on my skin I cannot hide.
As you move up and down,
Swallowing my melting sounds,
As my oceans undulates in your tides.

I become one with you,
Giving you my unguarded view,
Unclothing secrets only for your eyes.
For beneath the stars as we lie together,
And I taste every erotic weather,
Oh baby I know you are mine.

And I hold you in my trembling hands,
As we groove in the lovers dance,
The night reverberating with our cries.
Quenching the unquenchable thirst,
A thousand stars blaze and burst,
As ever stronger becomes our tie.



There is something so special in knowing,
That at the end of any day,
There is someone who is waiting just for me,
Someone who will wash all my pain away.

No matter how terrible the day seems to be going,
No matter how rocky the road.
I can reach out to him, any time,
And he will always be there, for me to hold.

I don’t need to think twice or wonder,
Whether it’s ok for me to grab my phone and call.
Cause he has given me that full right to,
Disturb him whenever I want.

There is something so wonderful in knowing,
That seeing my name flash on his phone makes him smile.
“No you never disturb me”, he says as I even begin to apologize,
“Just save that forever in your mental file”!

“So how can I be of service today, my love”,
He teases me with a smile in his voice.
“Did my heart’s new miss you song,
Quietly catch you unawares over the noise”?

It’s so refreshing to hear him say such things.
I say “skip your cheesy lines.”
But they are enough to get both of us laughing,
“No cheese babes, you are mine”.

There is something so peaceful in knowing,
That a beautiful soul loves me.
wish I could show him in every way I know,
How much he matters to me,
How much he means to me,
How very,
so very,
he is
to me.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

A Real Dream Come True


If your dreams don’t scare you, then they aren’t big enough! Dream bigger!Every night I went to sleep,

I had this reoccurring dream.

I was walking with a vision of love,

Along a very peaceful stream.

We would hold each other’s hand,

The sun would begin to shine.

I’d then look her in the eye

And pray we’d last till the end of time.

It was almost like a fairytale,

Everything stood still, the birds

The breeze, and time, yet it seemed so real.

A gentle rain would fall,

So we would shelter one another.

Our feelings kept us warm,

Our love served as a cover.

Then morning soon would arise,

I’d wake up next to you.

That’s when I truly realized

That dreams really do come true!

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DO You? my love

Every silent night,
As you lie in bed,
Alone, by yourself,
Do you think of me?

Do you wish I were there,
Like I wish you were here,
Tangled together,
Do you crave me?

Every silvery sky,
When you touch the moon,
Do you ask it to shine,
Your love on me?

And every time there comes,
Those first showers of rain,
Do you look at it and smile?,
Wish to dance with me?

Every Valentines,
When you see love birds,
Do you wish we were together?,
Do you miss me?

And every single time,
When you hold a little child,
Do you secretly long,
For your own family?

I bet you do,
And yes I do too.
Just waiting for the moment,
When we will finally meet.

I think the sun will smile,
And stars align,
That very first time,
When you will look at me.

I am telling you from now,
I am very romantic.
You might as well start practicing,
Writing love poetry.

Oh! Don’t worry honey,
You can steal some of my lines,
and until we meet,
Keep loving me.

© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


You are in my songs,
In my music,
In my voice,
In my lyrics,
In my melody,
In my strums.
In my beats,
In all my love rhythms.

Who says you need to be right here,
For me to touch, to feel you.
Cause when I close my eyes and strum,
Honey! I am right there with you.

My heart soars free like a singing bird,
Every time I play my guitar.
no chains here, just worthy wings,
Flying me to where ever you are.

We meet somewhere, in our own universe,
Where holding me close, you kiss me,
Its our place, just yours and mine,
And there is nowhere else I would rather be.

Some notes trickle in , from distant lands,
They are the strings being plucked on a guitar.
They adorn our world, a golden glow,
Promising blessed union in our stars.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


“I’m addicted to sensuous daisies and luscious foreign ink,
The kind that can write poetry over my body, take away the ability to think.
Paper as smooth as her skin, as she lays down her magic potion,
And commence to printing her verses on me, creating poetry in motion”.ROY

She steals his pen, with her dewy lips,
Tying his hands with, sugary rose strings.
He knows he has no chance, as she writes her verses,
On his silver skin, with her foreign ink

She paints her love, In strokes of red,
A delicious velvet, like molten chocolate.
He closes his eyes, as she touches his heart,
Knowing he is lost, in her seductive sunset.

©© Sona and Roy 2018
All Rights Reserved.
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I am not sure when it happened,
I am not sure how it occurred,
But somehow you became,
A special part of my world

Your arms became the nest,
Where I wanted to be all the time.
Your magical words for me,
Became my most favourite rhyme.

Your naughtiness and teasing,
Became my pot of laughter.
And your sweet and caring nature,
Made me wish I could bring you closer.

I am not sure when my days and nights,
Began waiting for your kisses and hugs,
And in those times when we could not talk,
My heart craved for you so much.

When was it that I actually,
Started sleeping in your warmth,
Your loving hands wrapped around my waist,
Keeping at bay any storm.

O love do you have any answers to all this,
Or are you as clueless as me?
All I know is you have become my sweet sweet sweetheart,
Whose mere name on my tongue makes my heart leap.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.



Bring me to life with your words,
Ignite me with the strokes of your lips.
Can you hear my heart thudding, or is it yours I hear?
Flames dancing between us, charring away our strips .

Together, windswept , we ride the skies,
Reaching worlds beyond this world.
These embers of desires are fuelled by love,
Lost and found in a swirl.

Boundaries fade , melding us in one,
As whispered caresses sizzle the skin.
Like stars colliding, shattering the night,
Blazing a fire deep within.

Higher and higher, smoulders burn,
leisurely licking the darkness.
Touching its peak, a wild crescendo,
Into nothingness, into beingness.

© Sona, 2018


Like the crimson sunrise which stretches across barren skies,
Soaking every crevasse , making one stop and sigh.
Or like the rain which drenches the forest from head to feet,
Giving it life, making it sing seductive symphonies.

Like the wind which gently carries those abstruse clouds away,
Revealing the moon, which glows brighter than any passionate day.
Or like the ripples which flood a quietly flowing river when,
Silently touched in love by a romantic foreign pen.

Like the sweet fragrance which wraps around a pretty marigold,
Making it blush in the warmth so beautifully bestowed.
Or like the lonely star which twinkles shyly against balmy midnights,
When looked upon in wonder with gorgeous love filled eyes,

This is what your verses do to me,
Yes this is what occurs when you magic dreams for me.

I begin to fall and no there is no stopping,
My world comes to a halt, and there is no describing this feeling.♥️😘.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


She drapes her arms
around his neck,
Placing her head
over his chest.
His heart beats faster,
as he brushes her hair,
Knowing this feeling
is the best.

She kisses his heart,
holding him close,
Hoping she could tell him this way
what he means.
He touches her face,
bringing hers up to his,
Loving her in a way
she has never seen.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


We don’t need eyes to love, we need a heart.

Huddled in the warmth of my soft blanket,
as the stars wink in the distant sky,
I let go off all the worries of the day,
just think of you and reach out to you, my cherry pie.

I wonder whether you would be busy or free,
Would we even get a chance to talk today,
And all these silly thoughts vanish all at once,
When ”Hi pretty girl” you happily say.

A big smile automatically magics on my face,
And sweet happiness blooms in my heart,
I can hardly wait to hold you and hug you with a kiss,
Before any conversation between us starts.

Sometimes all I want to do is feel your warmth and talk,
And not get steamy the way we do.
But you know me honey, how addicted I am,
I can never resist any temptation when it comes to you.

There are even times I don’t want to talk at all,
Just whear you like a second dress and sleep.
Feel your loving touch sooth my crazy nerves,
And feel romantically mushy, as though with you on a beach.

You are so sexy and sweet, fun and loving,
And I am so very proud of you my sweetheart.
Never think otherwise even once in your pretty little head,
You have really become my day’s most anticipated part.

It always surprises me how the clock ticks so fast,
Every single time we talk.
It’s as though our world stops and everything which truly matters is right there,
When we are on our sparkling planet, where our rainbow love unlocks.

Sometimes the heart can smile at the mere thought of someone,
And can miss a beat as it remembers their passionate words.
The eyes in such cases don’t need to see the person’s face,
Because the mind already recognizes this pair as love birds.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.

❤️🌹 ADDICTED 🌹♥️


I want you like a wish, we can become each other’s obsession. I can want you in my arms, as my lover but not a possession.When I wake up early in the morning, you’re the first thing on my mind. Premeditated dreams revolving around you, every night I lay down at bedtime.

Two Occasions and Every time I close my eyes, music I listen to all day long. It’s like your name becomes a subliminal message, every time I hear those songs.

I’ll spend my every opportunity, talking to you whenever I’m free. If I choose you over sleep, then you know you’re special to me.♥️

You’ve become my favorite subject, because it’s you I want to learn and know. I channel all my thoughts on you, that’s why you’re my favorite show.

From your beauty and your charm, to the perfection and the style. I even love the…

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If it were up to me I would talk to you 24 hours a day,
Forget about the sun and moon and just be with you all the way.

Ask you to hug me in the morning, as my eyes would flutter open to the sun,
And punch you playfully when you try to kiss me, just because it is so much fun.

I would describe midnights dressed in starlight’s, every time you ask me that question,
And laugh and smile, hold you like a pillow tight, through all the four seasons.

I would deliberately place my fingers over your lips, knowing very well what it would lead to,
And then write your beautiful words in my ink, because that’s what lovers do.

I would want to tell you everything about my life, all those silly details,
And pester you to tell me more about yourself, because that’s what relationship entails.

I would wake up and sleep in your thoughts, hear the songs you dedicate to me all the time,
Because that’s the way I feel close to you, morning noon and night.

Sometimes life introduces us to a beautiful bird, who sings poetries just for our heart,
And every single time we hear its song, we feel one with it no matter the distance apart.

You are that bird to me, your poems that song, which always brings a smile to my face,
And I hope somewhere in this crazy time space reality, I could touch your heart with my own romantic rays.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


After hours I turned to leave the place,
And finally heard my name being called.
I looked back and saw you standing there,
And my happiness I could not hold

How thrilled I was to finally meet you,
How relieved I was that you stopped me,
My heart skipped as I looked at you,
You seemed like my vanilla and choco treat

So tall, and handsome, and fair and good,
Standing there nervous waiting for my response.
It was adorable and cute and everything at once,
I could hear so many love struck guitars playing along.

You took that most awaited first step towards me,
And I took mines to keep up.
I knew I wanted so much more between us,
So I started the dance far away from the hubbub.

I played the music where none could see,
Bravely Offered you my hand to hold,
But you held me by my waist and brought me closer,
Spinning me to the music our hearts told.

The long hours in waiting lay somewhere forgotten,
As your warm words wrapped around me.
And in the shade of the stars we smiled at each other,
Basking breathlessly in our budding symphony.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.

A ROSE FOR MY ANGEL♥️♥️ – Collaboration Number 2. ♥️

My second collaboration with the very talented and wonderful ROY, this was truly special because instead of writing separate verses, I matched his every line in the same verse. So the first line in each verse is his, and the second mines. Although I have to add, we did edit each other’s lines, , me more since I always seem to find fancy and crazy ideas in my pretty little head😉. Thank you Roy for not rolling your eyes and for not being even slightly annoyed at my “heavenly” demands!!! Haha!♥️
Here we go.

I picked a blushing rose from the Heavens , designated for a beautiful face,
Sprinkled it with all my love , wrapped it in shimmering lace.

Prepped the petals just right, and made sure the stem was strong,
Because it was meant for that special someone, to whom my heart belonged

This was a very unique flower, different from any of its counterparts,
It had the power to touch the soul, and entice every single heart,

It had beauty beyond any blossom, and a fragrance u couldn’t believe,
Magic visibly tucked in its soft folds, something which every eye could perceive,

I took this enchantingly romantic rose, and carefully put it in a crystal vase,
Surrounded it in golden sunlight, its perfume an intoxicating trace.

I could have added other flowers to make a bunch, but this beauty was strong enough alone,
Everything about it spoke of love, and with a radiant happiness it shone.

This rose was going to be the perfect gift, but yet something felt incomplete,
So I wrote a little love poem to my lover, on a delicate lavender sheet.

I placed my note in the vase, and carried my present to my precious love,
Hoping the Angels would smile on me today, and beautiful blessings would rain from above.
What do you think, did it rain?😉♥️
Thank you for reading.

©© ROY and SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.
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♥️THINKING OF YOU♥️- A Collaboration

My very first collaboration,
His first collaboration as well,
And our first collaboration together.
This is special. Thank you ROY.
To all those who have not already done so , do visit his magical blog at.
It is a place where romance takes on a new definition altogether, so very peaceful and utterly beautiful.

Dressed in midnight, beneath twinkling lights, she gazes at a distant star,
She quietly breathes his name in her heart, wondering if he can feel her love from afar.

He walks the beach during the summer hours, as he catches glimpse of the sun at noon. Thoughts of her running through his mind, wishing his dreams and reality would collide soon.

She feathers the skies , thinking of him, his words a fragrant oasis in her mind,
She kisses the wind as though touching him now , hoping its destination it will find

He lays on his back and feels the sand , as a gentle breeze comes through,
He closes his eyes and smiles peacefully, while softly whispering “I love you.”,

She feels a stutter , in her heart, as his voice she hears so clear,
And in the shade of a million loving stars she says , “ I wish you were closer my dear”.

Just when he was about to open his eyes, his mind beheld a beautiful sight.
His love from afar sent him a silent prayer, and he knew that everything would be alright.

©© Sona and Roy 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Shades Of Red

You drive me crazy with the sweetness you shower,
You drive me wild with the passion you flower

You say you want me, and yet you push me away,
Always questions for questions, making me go insane.

You say I am grounded, when all I do is fly,
And yet you are the gorgeous wings of this pretty butterfly.

You take me places, with your enchanting words,
And yet we go round and round on subjects unheard.

You make me happy, you make me wanna cry,
And yet I am hooked to you like stars in the sky

You doubt me sometimes when the sun dips on your side,
Pressurising me for things which I have never once lied

If red is the colour of love, then I have seen some shades already,
I have seen passion, kindness and fun, and even insecurity and jealousy

So what if I don’t label things, is it not enough that I care,
Nothing is ever perfect, life is never fair.

Some dreams are felt in the heart, and breath they never find,
Because they are too good to be true, so they remain in the mind
Always in the mind.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Don’t sit so close baby.
My heart beats wild when you are right there.
I don’t think you know what you do to me,
I want to kiss you wild, wild without a care.

I am not sure whether I should reach out ,
Or wait for you to do something.
You ask me questions about how my day went,
But don’t you see baby I can’t think!

My mind no longer wants to do its job,
Its showing me things which could be.
Blood gushing in my veins, urging me to make,
Love to the man who loves me.

I wish we were alone, somewhere more private,
And not in this fancy restaurant.
this place is a little too classy and refined,
For the wildness which I want.

Hands held back, I watch you,
Mind floating in my mushy land.
Blushing, I realise you are looking at me,
Mischief dancing in your eyes, you grab my hand.

I can feel small circles being traced on my skin,
You are closer than you were before.
I don’t want to stay longer, in this damn place,
Cause I want you so much more.

“Since when did they start serving chocolate so hot”?
I ask as I gingerly touch its crust.
“What’s the rush darling ?” you tease. And I think,
Oh Honey! Just wait. Soon you will be swooning with lust.

Diving in deep, , I let the desert flood,
Lose myself in its seductive delight.
Slowly, sensually , I devour every Crum,
Letting passion burn, alight.

“What’s the rush darling?” now I innocently ask,
As I let you lead me into the sunset.
The wind is picking up, it smells of promises,
As two birds return to their nest.

© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


My tresses lay tangled in your thoughts,
Worries and fear plaguing me.
Clouds about our unseen future,
How everything would come to be.

With my head in my hand, I close my eyes,
Yearning to glimpse the morning sun .
When I feel your gentle fingers, running through my hair,
Carefully Untangling those locks one by one.

Nestled in your warmth , I keep my eyes shut,
Unwilling to wake up from this dream.
I hear your voice, whisper in my heart,
“Darling I Will Be There, Just Breathe.”

And when I open my eyes, I see the morning sun,
My curls dancing happily in the breeze.
Things feel brighter, Oh I can see a rainbow too,
Enchanted, I laugh and grab a photo with it, screaming ” cheeese”.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Sometimes , do you know darling,
When we are on the phone, I just love to hear you talk.
I am not listening, not really anyway,
Because in your voice I am so lost.

It floats on me like molten chocolate,
Exotic and deliciously delectable.
And I melt in its warmth, its tender touch,
Let it caress my soul, my will.

There is a gentleness in your voice, I can never deny,
It shows me how much you care.
And in those quiet hours, when the world sleeps,
It coaxes desire to flare.

It’s strange how every emotion you feel,
I can read so easily through your voice.
It’s the window of your heart to me, so much more,
When I can’t see your face, your eyes.

Do you remember the night when I first asked you to sing ?
It was a star studded sky, an enchanting hour.
Oh how shy you were, but you still sang to me,
My heart had skipped honey, you had become my star.

You are my hero, my smile, my biggest strength,
And I love you much more than I can ever say.
You were the dream of my life, now you are the life of my dreams,
And I will be by your side all the way.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.