In this enchanting night, beneath twinkling lights,
You spin me round and round.
My heart beats wild, I can’t help but smile,
As you lift me off the ground.

I look at you, all handsome heat,
Your love is the blessing I behold.
Wrapped in your arms, I feel so free,
As I live the love story my palms told.

We dance to our rhythm, just you and me,
Two hearts beating as one.
Those unpractised steps, fall so synchronously,
Oh darling! This is so much fun.

I know we will be fine, as the wind brushes my face,
And a miracle so plainly I see .
A million little stars are shining in the sky,
watching over you and me..

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Has your lover ever taken days off from work, just to be with you,
After hearing my sad voice on the phone, my baby knew exactly what to do.

He cashed in his vacation, held my hand and took me on a ride,
Into a soft place of dreams, where pretty sunsets and sunrises collide.

Satin clouds became our bed, while our hearts did the talking,
Breath vapoured into music, becoming the air beneath our wings.

Wrapped in each others arms, we painted a magical moment of happiness,
An enchanting beach with fountains and forests, a union which Angels would witness.

but when he made those promises to me, emotions raw in his voice,
I can honestly say my heart forgot to beat, for it just had no other choice.

My world tilted on its axis, staggered by the depth of his love,
Words alluded me in sheer wonder, when they saw the gift I had gotten from above.

Somewhere someplace in space, the skies must have burst into colours,
When cocooned in our love, we placed rings of promises on each others fingers.

Me: do you think we would ever meet honey?
Him: I don’t see why I wouldn’t ever meet my…. !!!

DATED the 27th of MAY, 2019,
A beautiful memorable day .

©© ROY and SONA, 2019
All Rights Reserved.
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Under the night sky,
As you walk by me in moonlight,
The softest caresses of the wind feels charged,
When you link your fingers with mine.
And when I look above
to kiss the moon,
With peace and happiness
flooding my mind,
I can see it nowhere,
Instead it’s your face I find!
And what I see takes my breath away,
It’s my own love shining through your eyes!

© Sona, 2018


In the velvet sky, the moon quietly shines,
Romancing the stars with its beam,
It reaches my eyes, and shows me your face,
Making me turn to you in my dreams.

Smiling, I rest my head on your chest,
And knock at the window of your heart.
“Can I come in, my love?”, I whisper,
“I can’t bear another moment apart”.

“You never have to ask , my Queen”, you breathe,
As tightly you wrap me in your arms.
“This castle has craved your presence all day,
Come flood me with your soothing balm”.

Your lips caress my naked heart,
Your fingertips shatter my walls,
And you catch me and spin me around,
As ever deeper into you I fall.

Nothing else matters to me anymore,
For the depth of your love feels true.
Can you hear the echo of your name in my soul,
It is soaring across the ocean to you.

With love,


The songs you dedicate, take my breath away,
your love has truly changed my world around,
Lately my feet never seem to touch the ground.

Yes, when you’re feeling lost in the night
When you feel your world just ain’t right
Call on me, I will be waiting
Count on me, I will be there
Anytime the times get too tough
Anytime your best ain’t enough
I’ll be the one to make it better
I’ll be there to protect you, see you through
I’ll be there, and there is nothing, I won’t do
I will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero, your strength, anything you need
I will be the sun in your sky
I will light your way for all time, promise you
For you I will, yes yeah, yeah
I will shield your heart from the rain
I won’t let no harm come your way
Oh, these arms will be your shelter
No, these arms won’t let you down
If there is a mountain to move
I will…
I’m here for you, I’m here forever
I will be your fortress tall and strong
I’ll keep you safe, I’ll stand beside you right or wrongI will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero, your strength, anything you need
I will be the sun in your sky
I will light your way for all time, promise you
For you I will, yes yeah, yeahFor you I will lay my life on the line, for you I will fight, oh
For you I will die, with every breath, with all my soul
I’ll give my word, I’ll give it all
Put your faith in me, put your faith in me
And I’ll do anything ohI will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero, your strength, anything you need
I will be the sun in your sky
I will light your way for all time, promise you
For you I will, yes yeah, yeahI will, I will, I willI will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero, your strength, anything you need
I will be the sun in your sky
I will light your way for all time, promise you
For you I will, yes yeah, yeah
Promise you, for you I will
Promise you, for you I will

By Monica
Songwriters: Diane Warren
For You I Will lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group


“You are the promised kiss of springtime,
That makes the lonely winter seem long.
You are the breathless hush of evening,
That trembles on the brink of a lovely song

You are the angel glow that lights the star,
The dearest things that I know are what you are.
Someday my happy arms will hold you,
And someday I’ll know that moment divine,
When all the things you are, are mine.”

Songwriters: Jerome Kern, Oscar Hammerstein
All The Things You Are lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group


Meet me between the lines of a love poem,
As passionate ink surrounds us.
Breathe with me long poetic verses,
Until we both become breathless.

Splash your honeyed rhymes upon my skin, ,
Lazily with your wet lips.
Note the curves and edges of this smooth sheet,
As I long for your poetic sips.

Hold me tender, kiss me wild,
Engrave your name upon my heart.
Love me between the lines of a love poem,
And forever become my part.

Feather me with your sensuous syllables,
Because I crave your words on my body.
Murmur to me your deep desires,
Paint on me letters unseen by anybody.

I will close my eyes and caress your heart,
Surround you in my romantic ink.
Be mine between the lines of a love poem,
As stronger grows our link.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


You woke me up from my sleep,
At three thirty in the morning.
My nightmares packed up and fled,
When they saw my lover was calling.
I had my green jealous shirt on,
And I hated how it made me feel.
I had sent you a green coloured post,
So that you too wouldn’t like the deal.
But we held each other despite,
And slowly you took off my shirt.
The sincerity in your voice,
Helped ease my hurt.
Our hearts did the talking those hours,
As we softly confided our fears and insecurities.
And honey , isn’t it just so special,
How we tried to convince each other of each others loveliness and desirability.
Me: you don’t realise how sweet you are….. so polite…. anyone could so easily fall for you.
Him: believe me, the fear I have of losing you to someone else , is far greater than you would ever know.
Me: oh but I am not interested in anyone else….
Him: neither am I.
Me: you copycat .
Him: don’t even start…
(and we both end up laughing).
Your loving words and our proximity,
Sent me in a breathless spiral,
And I saw stars of every colour,
As my emotions notched up a dial.
In the silence of the moonlight, as my heart connected with yours,
I finally uttered those three magical words.
And it felt so nice, so sweet and liberating,
To fly with you this way like a bird.
Still the thought about the vast oceans between us,
Brought tears into my eyes,
That entire night was so special,
I can never describe it in rhymes.
Me- You know honey, if an artist would try to paint me now, even he would get confused from where to start, For at this moment my cheeks are red, and wet and I am smiling,
Him- you know what…. he would just start from beautiful.

Those moments with you I shall never forget,
They will live in my heart forever.
I can honestly say Mr. Brain freeze,
You gave me the best Valentines ever♥️.

With love,

♥️ I Love You Valentine 🌹


Have you ever loved somebody so much, it makes you cry? Have you ever needed something so bad you can’t sleep at night? Have you ever tried to find the words but they don’t, come out right? That’s true love.♥️I want to give my special Valentine flowers, but it has to be more than a dozen. I want to go out and rent a planet, so I can plant my lover a garden.

Then we’ll walk through it hand and hand, as we admire all the different types. Gaze upon the Sparkling sky, as the stars spell your name within the night.💫

I catch the slightest glimpse of your eyes, and that’s when the trance starts. I see fireworks you see rainbows, passionate emotions fulfill the heart.♥️

Our poems are lasting memories, while our text will keep us together. But once we hear each other’s voice…

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A tangle of limbs beneath the Christmas tree,
You and me entwined as lights glitter and gleam.
Your warm lips on mine, unravelling me,
As I unbutton my sexy Santa slowly.

You called yourself my gift, so baby I’ll take my time,
Caressing all your secrets, exploring your cherry wine.
As your impatient hands on my body, seductively slide,
Ravishing me in a way only you can define.

The feel of you surrounding me amongst jingling songs,
Mistletoe striking chords for passion so long,
And as we breathe to the rhythm to which our hearts belong,
I know you are my best gift all along.

So I take it slow baby, the night is ours,
And feel the magic of Christmas among the twinkling stars.
Cause there are gifts so many, but nothing like the heaven in your arms,
And your naughty elf plans to make you dizzy with her exotic charm.

©© SONA, December 2018
All Rights Reserved.

🎁🎁 My Christmas Gift 🎁 a calendar of love


I don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need. I don’t want a lot of presents, underneath the Christmas tree.January is the beginning calendar date, the month that represents all things new. There’s fireworks and festivals on the streets, because partying is what you’re supposed to do.

But aside from all the glitter I see, and blocking out the celebrations I hear. Having you is the reason to celebrate, ringing in the New Year.

February is the month of love, where Cupid turns couples into lovers. But you didn’t need a special month to steal my heart, as our words magically led us to each other.

Then comes the month of St. Patrick’s, the days of green that are true. The month also represented by Spring, the season I’ll gladly be for you.♥️

April brings in the holiday Easter, people celebrate it in…

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♥️We fell in love over poetry ♥️

It was the summers, was it not, when you and I met,
The spotlight was on me , and the stage was all set.
Many stopped by to say hello, admiring my poetic gallery ,
But who had known that the conversation we had that day, would begin an enchanting love story.
We played the mirroring game, copying each other’s response,
It was fun, it was cute, like twin flames we burned along.
Every day I would pen poems, and we would continue this new dance,
You would say beautiful love lines, inspiring me to make sparkling edits in romance.
And one night when I painted, a million love stars in the sky,
You were so surprised to see your stroke there, your reflections suggested a title more gorgeous to my eye.
Smiling, I confided, I wanted to make little changes from what you had to say,
You said just wait and watch, that you yourself would be making sparkling edits one of these days.
I laughed it off, never anticipating what would happen next,
And when I woke up to read the stages of love, oh my! I could not believe the golden text.
I was amazed and happy, radiant all through the day,
And unknown to both of us, we were opening a new book, writing our story in it in a poetic way.
I had the cold, you had the flu, and there was nothing we could do,
We were talking from dawn to dusk, and time just simply flew.
Those innocent verifications, birthday dreamcations, song dedications and inspirations,
With our rain dance under our umbrella , we became the Enchantress and the Magician.
We began to hangout, desiring to explore these romantic embers of attraction,
With luscious foreign ink filling our hearts, we were tasting the sweet spice of spring season.
Our unfinished first fiery collaboration , my shy hesitations and reserve,
It all feels so long back, doesn’t it honey, as we keep filling special pages to preserve.
We slowly made our own planet, planting blossoms more beautiful than any creation,
And soon our hearts were beating as one, tuning into our own romantic radio station.

With roses and wildflower pinned in my tresses, in the shade of the moon , I would draw in closer to you, ,,
Place my fingers over your poetic lips, as desire licked and grew. .
Be it my starry midnight dresses , or your eye rolling interpretations of symbols,
Nights and days started feeling complete only when, we could feel each other’s warm presence in our world.
You’ve been my safe haven many times, but one moment is very clear,
How you lovingly held my hand when I was panicking, patiently writing with me , gently easing my fear.
I’d newly become a professor and you made me smile so big, pretending to be my love struck student,
With your arm circling my waist, romantically cutting the cake , we started creating strawberry moments.
I know we have had our ups and downs, storms that rage and cry,
But we’ve reached out and never really let go, cause this bond we truly prize.
Relentlessly we tease each other, making it hard to sleep,
Slowly exploring intimacy and comfort, As in unison our hearts beat.
Though different celestial beauties stream through our windows, our love blossoms and thrives,
Alone we meet inside the hour glass, ignoring the hands of time.
Wrapped in each other’s arms beneath twinkling lights, we stir smouldering embers of desire,
Needing and yearning to be closer , we set our hearts on sensuous fire.
You’ve become the one, inside of you I’ve found my heart,
My safe haven to collapse, inside of you I fall apart.
My sweet mushy poet, my delicious dark chocolate, thank you for being all that you are,
You have soaked my life with utter joy, honey you are my rosiest romantic star.
Love you to the globe and back, love you to the stars and beyond,
Let’s keep flying across the universe, dancing to our own poetic song.
Three kisses on your heart, and a dash of velvet honey,
Oh come near, , let’s get lost in our own romantic poetry😘

©© SONA , December 10th 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Fragrant pearls of love- a compilation of your beautiful romantic notes ♥️

If it were up to me, I’d keep a photo of you like a sign,
Walk around with my eyes closed, to keep that image in my mind.
Keep a playlist of songs on repeat, and continuously listen to them too,
Just to insure that my brain, is only thinking about you.

I’ll write some refreshing verses, make them soothing and so cool,
Dress down to what you want to wear, and let my body be your pool.
I want to make you better, after you’ve had a really long day,
You can swim and bask in the poetic waters, or you can simply relax and lay.
Whatever you choose to do, I want you to do it without a care,
Free your body and ease your mind, and know that I’ll be there.

My whole life has changed, Every time I close my eyes,
Love me like you do, and Two Occasions are some of the songs I realized.
That means so much to me because our bond has become so strong,
The Feel Of First Love is amazing, ever since you’ve come along.
The love you write , your words just sets the pace,
Every time we are together, my smile can never be erased.
We created our own flower, we made our very own Planet,
So when I ask who each other’s heart belongs to, we can proudly say We Own It.

With every word that is whispered, with every syllable that is stewed.
All the verses poured on our bodies, they soon become tattooed.
The lines that are magically drawn, when the winds are enchantingly blown.
The poetry on the skin comes together, as if it was creatively being sewn.
They fall off the tip of our tongues, and cover us in such a circular motion.
That the romance can be read from our bodies like a book, after being covered in such poetic love potion.
My words may linger on your body, and trust me that’s just the start.
But your words do so much more, and linger in body and heart. ♥️♥️.

Drinking on the beach, quenching the thirst with something wet,
With you all over them, is enough to make anyone sweat.
Your exotic romantic poem, brought many images alive,
My imagination ran away with me, right before my very eyes.
Whatever drink you have, make sure you order two,
If you would like some company someday, I know a guy who’d love to join you.

©© ROY and SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

Thank you sweetheart for writing these beautiful notes for me . You are awesome. XX
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♥️Some beautiful words written for me, which never fail to touch my heart. Sharing them because they are so special, so sweet and lovely. Thank you sweetheart♥️.

“If you know you’re not perfect, then I know more than you,
Because you’re absolutely perfect to me, and that Pretty Girl is true.
You say you can’t cook, some people can’t even spell it,
Besides I’d rather dine out with you, that’s simply much more romantic.
No one asks for darkness, but it occurs when we close our eyes,
But you and I have brought so much light, back into each other’s lives.
There is a Moon on our Planet, and there is also a Sun,
A bond that has become so strong, that our two hearts beat as one.
Beautiful is what you are, amazing is all you’ll ever be,
Words can’t simply describe, how much you mean to me.
If I am your Angel, then I can end my search,
Because that means I found in you, my Heaven on Earth♥️.
~You are perfectly amazing. Never let anyone tell you different~

©© ROY and Sona, 2018💐
All Rights Reserved.


Another Masterpiece by Gitanjali Tagore whose words are surely going to touch your hearts. Sit back and be prepared to experience Beauty ♥️

May It Be

It will be time for us to go soon.
(We’re always going somewhere.)

We were never really
meant to stay but
this moment catches hold of us
and makes us

(Such a dangerous word.)

What is there to stay for, after all?
We’re sitting around, saying
everything that we’re never going to believe in.
Imagining that tomorrow things are going to be different. Easier.
Breathing in the despair that we’ve been choking on.
(Embracing it. We let it in, let it wreak havoc.)

Let’s pretend we’re okay,
that we’re fine with
wherever, whatever this is,
is going.
(Maybe if we say it enough, we’ll end up believing it.)

Let’s forget everything for a while
and dance.
(There’s something about that song. It holds you, makes everything seem right.)
Stop thinking about how we’ll regret it tomorrow.

In this moment where
everything and nothing hangs in balance,
and promises are…

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Because I want to remember these songs and their stories. Thank you 🤗

You are the inspiration by Chicago
Last night by Az Yet
Two occasions by The Deal
Pretty girl by Jon B
Differences by Genuwine.
Everytime I close my eyes by baby face

You are my destiny by A.R. Rahman and Pussycat Dolls
Love me like you do by Ellie Goulding
Doesn’t really matter by Janet Jackson

Silent prayer by Shanice
I will always love you by Troop
Freak me by Silk
Peaches and cream by Silk
It had to be you by Silk

Anywhere by Rita ora

Fighter by Keith urban

Gorgeous by Taylor Swift,
Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran
Kiss me, the cadbury song
Stuck in my heart by C21

Hot by Avril Lavigne

Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne
Addicted by Shakira

I am with you by Avril Lavigne

Are you ready for it by Taylor Swift

Two become one by Spice Girls
Die a happy man by Thomas rhett

I wish you were here by Avril
Dress by Taylor swift
Breathe on me by Britney Spears.
You are beautiful by James Blunt

In this life by Collin raye

Slave For you by Britney Spears

Superstar by jamelia

still falling for you by Ellie Goulding


How could I see what I couldn’t see,
How could I be which my soul never agreed?,
These questions plagued me night and day,
I wanted to run somewhere, somewhere far away.

No shelter I found in shattering rain,
My wings were too well tied and chained.
Helpless, I shut my eyes, unsure what to do,
My heart prayed for something, anything to anchor me, as gardens strewed.

Spilled streams shattered dreams,
I was perched in the eye of the storm.
something tugged me to look within,
A Phoenix sat there, singing me this song.

“You have a path untouched by the billions,
On it your footsteps will be first.
Fear not girl, happiness will find you,
Have faith, in me u can trust”.

This song lives in me bright as a day,
As blindly I navigate my way.
I step on puddles, dance and laugh,
Its my path, my life my heart.

© SONA, 2018


There is something so special in knowing,
That at the end of any day,
There is someone who is waiting just for me,
Someone who will wash all my pain away.

No matter how terrible the day seems to be going,
No matter how rocky the road.
I can reach out to him, any time,
And he will always be there, for me to hold.

I don’t need to think twice or wonder,
Whether it’s ok for me to grab my phone and call.
Cause he has given me that full right to,
Disturb him whenever I want.

There is something so wonderful in knowing,
That seeing my name flash on his phone makes him smile.
“No you never disturb me”, he says as I even begin to apologize,
“Just save that forever in your mental file”!

“So how can I be of service today, my love”,
He teases me with a smile in his voice.
“Did my heart’s new miss you song,
Quietly catch you unawares over the noise”?

It’s so refreshing to hear him say such things.
I say “skip your cheesy lines.”
But they are enough to get both of us laughing,
“No cheese babes, you are mine”.

There is something so peaceful in knowing,
That a beautiful soul loves me.
wish I could show him in every way I know,
How much he matters to me,
How much he means to me,
How very,
so very,
he is
to me.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Hi guys, this is the very first poem I ever wrote and I am so happy to have FINALLY found it after much hunting. It brought back some memories, kind of made me smile and teary eyed all at the same time. But anyways, this definitely had to be up on my blog.

I close my eyes and see a dream, I know it will stay with me for ever, ever and ever,
Beyond the realm of earth, across the universe, in the ethereal pond of honeyed sugar.

There I see you my precious friend, wearing a beautiful warm smile,
All the mist of my mind evaporates, and once again the stars begin to shine.

The soft green grass, the beauty of the path, the fragrance of the woods which lead up to you,
Somewhere in the distance I hear a bird sing, as I walk towards you, I know our friendship is true.

A peaceful silence descends upon us, as arm in arm we walk,
Into the lap of nature, into the valley of golden rocks.

A divine sight awaits us there, in the form of an exquisite fountain,
Its mere beauty takes our breath away, it’s like stars shooting from a majestic mountain.

Mesmerised, we stand there, as time flies by,
So enchanted that we don’t realise , it’s the moment to say goodbye.

The leaves rustle, the wind whistles, as our time together reaches an end,
You tell me that every ending leads to a fresh beginning , and that is natures trend.

We part our paths, with a heavy heart, with a silent promise to once again meet,
In the lap of nature, somewhere, where a sweet fantasy we will weave.

I open my eyes, preserve the dream, and I know it will stay with me for ever , ever and ever,
beyond the realm of earth, across the universe, in the ethereal pond of honeyed sugar.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.
Stay happy wherever you are A.


You sit beside me one evening, as I pass on to you my guitar,
“Where do you want my hands?”, you smirk, “Tell me my little rock star”.

I roll my eyes at the remark, “Do you really wanna learn this honey?”,
“Of course” , you say innocently and smile, “I will do anything for you sweety”.

And I shake my head and giggle , “You know you really should stop saying that,
Now hold the fretboard like this, and press these strings, don’t chat”.

You roll your eyes at my bossiness, but sweetly do as I say,
“Now place your other hand this side, and strum this G chord this way”.

“Wow that’s real romantic”, you smile, as the strings come alive beautifully,
“But I think I have a better idea , cause I am feeling a bit lonely”.

And before I can understand what you mean, I find myself sitting on your lap,
You place your head on my shoulder and whisper, “this way more fun we will have”.

I’m very sure I understand what you mean this time, as your lips slowly begin to trail fire,
You cover my hands with yours as we softly strum, and you sing ,” babe you are my desire”.

I close my eyes and lean back into you,as I play the guitar with your fingers gently placed on mine,
Your Husky voice makes my entire body tingle, oh honey this moment feels so divine

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

❤️ Umbrella: part 2 ❤️

this is the second part of the umbrella series


From the magicians point of view!


The rain continues to fall in the streets, and we’re standing in the middle of the busy traffic. City lights are romantic and car horns resemble music, and we are wrapped in the warmth of our magic. I pull you closer and you’re shaking, I whisper “Are you afraid of me?” You look at me with the most beautifulest smile, and say “I have no reason to be.”

How did you manage to hypnotize me, it was you I actually had on the brain. So I ask what can I call you, you stroke my cheek and whisper in my ear “What’s in a name?” I laugh and raise my umbrella in the air, we watch it magically unfurl. What we have on the streets is two lovers in love, falling in love in a Dreamworld.

I gently hand you my umbrella, and…

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I am playing my heartstrings,
One note at a time,
Finding my way back to you,
Reaching for our melody divine.

Life feels half empty,
Without your love gushing through my veins,
And since I know what you mean to me,
I will find us all over again

So I am sitting and playing my heartstrings,
One note at a time,
Finding my way back to you,
Reaching to you in my rhymes.

You are my sweetest harmony,
Singing to me night and day.
Just hold on I will soon be there,
Matching your beats all the way.

Soon you will play my heartstrings,
And I will play yours all night,
Loving each other in our music,
Loving each other in our rhythm divine.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.


I gaze at you, my eyes wide,
Hope knocking in my heart, dreams floating in the sky.
Your silvery glow, is the purest thing I’ve ever known,
It gives me power, to believe in the light.

Oh dear moon, the king of this day,
When he looks at you tonight, and wonders if I exist somewhere,
Tell him you will help us be side by side,
Promise us with love you will bless our life.

Give us the faith we need in our heart,
Help us unite, be our life’s part,
Give me those days when I could be dressed in red,
And worship you on this holy day, be happily wed

And then he and I would gaze at you side by side,
Holding each other’s hand we will blow you kisses at night,
Joy bursting in our heart, smiles painting our face,
Together , in gratitude , we will touch your rays.

Oh dear moon, the king of this day,
Bless me with a forever love, stay with me always.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Branches scrape me hither and thither,
Bringing tears into my eyes.
The forest can be harsh, silent and cold,
But I keep moving , taking one step at a time

You reach out to me and pull me close,
Your love a shimmering golden glow,.
The smell of your skin is so familiar,
Oh darling am not sure if you even know


I am loving you in my darkness,
You are warmer than any star.

I am loving you in my music,
The soul of my songs you are.

I am loving you in my solitude,
you are the comfort of my lonely hour.

I am loving you in my heart, quietly,
its where you breathe, you were, you are.

©© Sona, 2018

All Rights Reserved.

DO You? my love

Every silent night,
As you lie in bed,
Alone, by yourself,
Do you think of me?

Do you wish I were there,
Like I wish you were here,
Tangled together,
Do you crave me?

Every silvery sky,
When you touch the moon,
Do you ask it to shine,
Your love on me?

And every time there comes,
Those first showers of rain,
Do you look at it and smile?,
Wish to dance with me?

Every Valentines,
When you see love birds,
Do you wish we were together?,
Do you miss me?

And every single time,
When you hold a little child,
Do you secretly long,
For your own family?

I bet you do,
And yes I do too.
Just waiting for the moment,
When we will finally meet.

I think the sun will smile,
And stars align,
That very first time,
When you will look at me.

I am telling you from now,
I am very romantic.
You might as well start practicing,
Writing love poetry.

Oh! Don’t worry honey,
You can steal some of my lines,
and until we meet,
Keep loving me.

© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


Something has changed,
Something is new,
I don’t know what it is,
Do you?

Feeling wonder in my heart,
I’m smiling more readily,
Little things don’t annoy me any more,
Cause I’m humming my own melody.

Thinking of someone all the time,
Rewinding moments over and over again.
There is an anticipation in my heart,
I’mslow dancing in the rain!

No more fretting the unseen thunders,
No more worrisome worries.
I am Loving the present like a new present,
That seems to be the new story.

Friends smile knowingly, ,
Teasing me for all its worth.
Peppering me with curious questions,
And I can’t answer them, which is a first!

Happiness seems to be flooding my life,
As I eagerly await every new day,
Because it means getting closer to someone,
the one who will be with me all the way.

Yes, something has changed,
Something is new.
I think I know now what it is,
Darling, it’s you?

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.


You are in my songs,
In my music,
In my voice,
In my lyrics,
In my melody,
In my strums.
In my beats,
In all my love rhythms.

Who says you need to be right here,
For me to touch, to feel you.
Cause when I close my eyes and strum,
Honey! I am right there with you.

My heart soars free like a singing bird,
Every time I play my guitar.
no chains here, just worthy wings,
Flying me to where ever you are.

We meet somewhere, in our own universe,
Where holding me close, you kiss me,
Its our place, just yours and mine,
And there is nowhere else I would rather be.

Some notes trickle in , from distant lands,
They are the strings being plucked on a guitar.
They adorn our world, a golden glow,
Promising blessed union in our stars.

©© Sona, 2018
All Rights Reserved.

I ♥️ YOU

In a pretty place  where days and nights meet and merge,


Lies a beautiful planet unheard.
Orange sunsets and scarlet sunrise rainbow its  heavens,
Violets and marigolds smile in its every season.
Every moment we spend there, is a treasure in time,


You and I together, side by side.,
On silken sand, so smooth like satin waves,
Under our favourite umbrella, lost in our own happy haze.


Hypnotic, oh so charming , so romantic that you are,
Oceans fade away, as we make love beneath the stars.
New poetries are penned, as our sweet   story goes on,
Each day bringing us closer, like a magical love song,
You and I becoming one, as  stronger grows our bond.



©©  Sona  2018

All Rights Reserved.


❤️ The Start of our Heart ♥️

Mr romantic poet at his best♥️♥️


Every time I close my eyes, I thank the Lord that I got you. And you got me too. And every time I think of it, I pinch myself cause I don’t believe it’s true. That someone like you loves me too.♥️It started off with a comment, from some enchanting words that sounded the same. Romance would become the common ground, that would turn the spark into a flame.

You seen your rainbow in my eyes, and you became my destiny. This journey would take us through stages of love, and your missing season I would be.

We started off slow and easy, gently dancing underneath rain clouds. We continued writing our sweet, the kind of poetry that made Cupid proud.

We started inspiring each other daily, and you became my Golden Spotlight. Hamara bond itana majabuut ho gaya, it was like love at first sight.♥️

Graduating from…

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I want the stars to sing tonight,
I want the universe to dance.
I want glitter to spread far and wide,
I want spark and flame to romance.

I want the ocean to ripple wide,
I want the breeze to fly.
I want the sand to shine silver,
I want dolphins to touch the sky.

I want flowers to blossom every season,
I want leaves in every style.
I want rainbows in every possible colour,
I want birds to giggle and smile,

I want purity and peace to shatter the dark,
I want the rain to bring blessings from above .
I want the world to rejoice with happiness and joy,
I want every heart to be touched by love.

©© Sona 2018
All Rights Reserved.