Has your lover ever taken days off from work, just to be with you,
After hearing my sad voice on the phone, my baby knew exactly what to do.

He cashed in his vacation, held my hand and took me on a ride,
Into a soft place of dreams, where pretty sunsets and sunrises collide.

Satin clouds became our bed, while our hearts did the talking,
Breath vapoured into music, becoming the air beneath our wings.

Wrapped in each others arms, we painted a magical moment of happiness,
An enchanting beach with fountains and forests, a union which Angels would witness.

but when he made those promises to me, emotions raw in his voice,
I can honestly say my heart forgot to beat, for it just had no other choice.

My world tilted on its axis, staggered by the depth of his love,
Words alluded me in sheer wonder, when they saw the gift I had gotten from above.

Somewhere someplace in space, the skies must have burst into colours,
When cocooned in our love, we placed rings of promises on each others fingers.

Me: do you think we would ever meet honey?
Him: I don’t see why I wouldn’t ever meet my…. !!!

DATED the 27th of MAY, 2019,
A beautiful memorable day .

©© ROY and SONA, 2019
All Rights Reserved.
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I gaze at you, my eyes wide,
Hope knocking in my heart, dreams floating in the sky.
Your silvery glow, is the purest thing I’ve ever known,
It gives me power, to believe in the light.

Oh dear moon, the king of this day,
When he looks at you tonight, and wonders if I exist somewhere,
Tell him you will help us be side by side,
Promise us with love you will bless our life.

Give us the faith we need in our heart,
Help us unite, be our life’s part,
Give me those days when I could be dressed in red,
And worship you on this holy day, be happily wed

And then he and I would gaze at you side by side,
Holding each other’s hand we will blow you kisses at night,
Joy bursting in our heart, smiles painting our face,
Together , in gratitude , we will touch your rays.

Oh dear moon, the king of this day,
Bless me with a forever love, stay with me always.

©© SONA, 2018
All Rights Reserved.